With Amagi & Trafigura Employees, Over 10,000+ Indians Have Helped Crowdsource Micro-Loans For…

November 7, 2016
By Rang De Team
Rang De is a pan-India initiative were

Since our inception in 2008, we have heard some heart warming stories of Social Investors who have done so much for people in rural india. With our pan-India approach, we have needed the help of people from all walks of life in order to benefit rural entrepreneurs in 15 states.

Most borrowers we seek to crowdsource micro-loans for don’t have proper incomes and there are some who live in drought stricken areas with no access to closed toilets or drinking water. While individuals have done a great job helping us raise funds for these communities, corporates and institutions can help us in a big way as they can raise large amount of funds by engaging their employees

Many companies in urban India have stepped up to help us over the years and, most recently, we saw two amazing collaborations take place last month.

Amagi gifted each of their employees a Rang De gift card.

For Dasara, Amagi did something out of the ordinary. Amagi gifted each of their employees a Rang De gift card. They gave each of their employees a chance to touch the lives of people in rural India.

These gift cards can be redeemed for Rang De credit and help our believers bring more supporters to the Rang De family in a friendly and simple manner.

Similarly, the Trafigura Foundation, committed to making our world a better place, impacted the lives of over 2000+ people as they gave 498 employees a Rang De gift card worth Rs. 500 for Diwali.

“In a country where many live entrenched in poverty, we need to help. The disadvantaged sections of society face financial exclusion as a result of being born in an impoverished house,” stated a Trafigura employee.

“They dream of improving the lives of their families by pursuing entrepreneurial ventures of their choice, but in the absence of organised financial services being available to them, succumb to borrowing from local money lenders who charge an exorbitant interest rate and they get caught in a debt trap.”

“Our country needs to be uplifted from this rut — we need a revolution that works toward fighting poverty at the grassroots.”

They proudly promoted our recent Festival of Rights campaign, combining microcredit with the power of crowdfunding making it one of the most effective strategies in our fight against poverty.

Along with Amagi and Trafigura, FIME, Qwikcilver, Creative Clouds and Exadatum has also joined us recently to battle poverty.

With the help of these generous corporates, our Social Investor family has finally crossed 10,000!

Please write to us at empathy@rangde.org if you are an existing Social Investor and would like your company to partner with Rang De! Do reach out to us and help us get the conversation started!

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