Winds of change at Rang De

January 21, 2019
By Rang De Team

By Team Empathy

Dream. A word that is audacious than hope and powerful enough to keep working hard towards a goal with zeal and determination.  At Rang De, we dream big. We also believe that sometimes a little change can help our cherished dream come true. So here’s a glimpse of what is about to change in Rang De as we celebrate the 11th year of our existence this January 26, 2018.

What will change?

We are extremely excited to share that we now have our In-principle approval to set up the new platform as per RBI’s regulation for peer to peer lending platforms.

Once the new platform is ready, our peer-to-peer lending operations will be moved under the new entity ( With your consent, we will be able to migrate your account details automatically, and have an account set up for you on the new platform.

Very soon, we will cease lending operations through However, will continue to exist as a charitable trust leading efforts towards financial literacy, financial inclusion and also steering our flagship financial literacy programme called Swabhimaan.

What is the difference between the old entity and the new entity? is registered as a charitable trust. Because of the RBI regulation restricting peer to peer lending only to Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), the new entity is registered as an NBFC P2P. Rang De has launched a brand new social investing platform:

What will happen to the funds that are invested?

When we are ready to launch the new platform, you will be able to withdraw any investments you have made from your account on, and re-invest through the new platform. We will share how as we get closer to launch.

What will happen to the funds that are donated?

The funds that we have been received as a donation through, once repaid by our borrowers, will be diverted to fund our Swabhimaan initiative.

Can I continue to contribute to the efforts of

Yes, you can continue to contribute to support the efforts of by donating to support our financial inclusion initiatives. For any queries, write to us at

What is the difference between the old platform and the new?

The big and exciting difference is that we will also have a Rang De phone app! The new web platform and the phone app are both designed for you to have a much faster and more intuitive social investing experience.

Is there any change in the social investing model?

The new platform will allow you to participate as a social investor, just like before the RBI regulation. This means that when the loan is repaid by our borrower, you have a choice – to either re-invest in another borrower or to withdraw your funds.W


What steps do I need to take to transition to the new platform?

You will be required to withdraw the funds accumulated in your Rang De account. It will just take the click of a button. We will share how, closer to our launch date. Also, with your consent, we will be able to migrate your account details automatically and have an account set up for you on the new platform. Look out for an email about this in March.

What will happen to my account on

Your account on will remain accessible for as long as re-payments are being collected.

I converted my credit to donations. What will my funds be used for?

All funds that have been contributed as a donation will remain with They will be used to fund the growth of our Swabhimaan project.

Will my old data show up in my new account?

Unfortunately, we are not able to migrate your social investment history to your account on the new platform. The new platform sits under a different legal entity (Non-Banking Financial Company) and so your investment history cannot be reflected on the new platform.

Now that Rang De is an NBFC. Are there any tax implications on my social investments?

Returns made from social investments through the new platform will be taxable.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach our empathy team on

About Team Empathy:

At Rang De, we live the values we stand for. Empathy is one of our core values and Team Empathy wears many hats working hard behind the scenes organising events, putting thoughts into words, managing volunteers and most importantly keeping the social conversations going! 

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