When Music Fans Unite For A Cause, Kids From Shelter Home Benefited

December 6, 2016
By Rang De Team

Raghu Dixit is one of our brand ambassadors. He constantly seeks to support us in our efforts to raise funds for individuals from under-served communities across India

Vidhya Rao is just your average indie music lover. Now, she could get to feature in a music video or get a home-cooked lunch by her favourite singer-songwriter Raghu Dixit!

Did she win a contest? Was she selected at a concert?

All Vidhya did was hear a call for support by Raghu and contribute to a community in need of funds. Little did she realise that Raghu was paying attention and is now going to arrange for a personalised experience for her!

And the best part is that Vidhya was not even aware of the potential reward!

Vidhya Rao is one of our 10,500+ social investors who contribute to the microcredit needs of the underserved across 17 states of India

“I heard about the campaign in one of the interviews of Raghu Dixit on the radio. I got into Rang De because of him and the minute I heard there’s a new wave that needs more attention, I decided to invest without second thoughts,” she told us.

“I believe that we are all connected spiritually and technology has to be used only to enhance these relationships and not hinder it. We all need each other.

“These monies mean nothing to me if it’s sitting in my bank unless it can change a life.

“The sooner we realise this, the better for us all in making the world a better place!

“As Mother Theresa puts it, I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

They say that there is no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. By opening up her heart for the consideration of others without any expectation of a reward, we are happy that Vidhya created a ripple that we hope can become a mighty wave of its own in the future.

Raghu, our ambassador, asked music fans to rally for a cause last month and help us raise funds for a producer cooperative in Uttarakhand and children from shelter homes in Bangalore.

Like Vidhya, 23 fans stepped up and contributed over the past three weeks and spread the word on social media to their friends and family.

An effective alternative to costly offline fundraising, we are proud to see musicians like Raghu Dixit spearhead digital campaigns that help raise microcredit for underserved communities across India.

Not only did we successfully raise Rs 10 lakhs for HARC-Alaknanda Krishi Vyawasaya Bahuddeshiya Swayatt Sehkarita (H-AKVBSS), we also managed to complete the education loan request by Guardian of Dreams, a non-profit that sought a Rs 5.5 lakh education loan that it will use to award scholarships to 80+ students from shelter homes that recently graduated and were seeking to enter technical colleges!

On our website, individuals have carried out all sorts of digital campaigns to help raise funds for various communities.

Last year, Siddarth Aggarwal helped raise Rs 1.4 lakh by walking across Rajasthan while a Social Investor based in the United States is currently raising over Rs 73 lakhs in a year-long campaign!

The era of charity events and offline fundraising is fast fading and with the power of the Internet, we can be more efficient, effective and powerful.

We thank all the participants in the #RangDeRaghu campaign and look forward to seeing yet more examples of kindness from Indians as we seek to work towards eliminating poverty in India.

Do write to us at empathy@rangde.org if you have ideas of your own or if you know anyone else that would be happy to drive an online campaign! We are always looking for new supporters from all walks of life!