What does ‘freedom’ really mean to you? Capture it!

July 31, 2013
By Rang De Team

The word ‘freedom’ has a special meaning for all of us. While for some, it signifies the right to speak and act, for a few others it represents a state with no restraint. To a few, it also represents India’s freedom struggle! What does freedom mean to you?

This August, Rang De is giving you a chance to showcase what ‘Freedom’ really means to you. We take this opportunity to proudly present ‘The Rang De Freedom in Focus’ Photo Contest, our first photo contest! Simply send in any photographs, old or recent, that express your idea of ‘Freedom’ and get a chance to be featured in a new range of Rang De Gift Cards to help fight poverty and to bring real freedom to our country! All you have to do is simply express what ‘ freedom’ really means to you. Yes, it is this simple! Take a look at some of the entries of Freedom in Focus and find your inspiration.

Launch Post

What are you waiting for? Get creative with your camera and send us the picture that signifies freedom to you!

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