We’ve hit a century!

May 22, 2010
By Rang De Team
By Arvind Sridharan, Rang De Team

We at Rang De take pleasure in announcing that we have crossed the 100-blog post mark. Even though we are on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we at Rang De feel that through our blog, we can keep people best posted on the happenings at Rang De and our Chapters. In fact, we even encourage guest blogs from our chapter members and coincidentally, our hundredth blogpost is a guest post from Sri Ranganathan, a Rang De Bangalore Chapter Member. He has blogged about a Rang De stall that he setup at an Exhibit at International Tech Park-Bangalore.

We at Rang De encourage guest blogposts. You could blog about topics such as (but not limited to) these.

And we can also give a link to your blog with an accompanying paragraph about your blog.

Please feel free to share your comments on our social media. We would like to make the best use of our social media channels to communicate effectively with all Rang De supporters. Just comment on this post or drop us a mail at blog@rangde.org with a subject similar to “feedback on your social media”. A few T-shirts are up for grabs for comprehensive and aggressive feedback. Kindly send your feedback in by Saturday May 29, 2010 to be elligible to win a T-shirt.

Last but not least, we thank you for being a part of our social media community.

Rang De is transitioning from a charitable trust to a Non Banking Financial Company. Check out our brand new peer-to-peer lending platform rangde.in

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