Unscene Music: Bringing together music lovers for a social cause

October 23, 2017
By Rang De Team

By Sharat Karekaat

Rang De was the social partner of the tenth edition of Unscene Music, organised by Ramakrishnan Krishnan or ‘Bantering Ram’

At Rang De, we are fortunate to have a wide community of people who not only believe in our philosophy but are willing to go an extra mile in support of our cause: fighting poverty.

One such amazing person we feel priviledged to know is Ramakrishnan Krishnan, or ‘Bantering Ram’, who has been associated with Rang De as a social investor right from the start, since 2008.

Whether it is Raghu Dixit raising funds for educating children last year, or supporting 400 handloom weavers in Karnataka, Rang De has a special connect with musicians in India.

Over the years, Ram has also helped us reach out to this audience set: musicians and music enthusiasts in Bengaluru. Ram, who is active in the Indie music scene in India, has been instrumental in organising music gigs that offer upcoming bands a space to perform.

Recently, Ram helped raise money to support ‘Guardians of Dreams’ a Rang De partner that works with undepriviledged kids from shelter homes in India.

The tenth edition of Unscene saw music enthusiasts from around Bengaluru attending the event

Last year, when Ram organized the gig series ‘Progworks On Wheels’, promoting upcoming progressive rock bands in India, a part of the proceeds from the concert was contributed to Rang De. This time around, Ram offered to collaborate with Rang De for the tenth edition of the monthly rock gig series ‘Unscene’, contributing a part of the proceeds to the organisation.

The two-day music event Unscene was organized on 12th and 13th October at the Humming Tree in Bengaluru. Despite the heavy downpour that saw the streets around Indiranagar flooded, the hardcore metal heads from the city, duly clad in black, turned up for the performances.

#Unscene Day 1

The first day saw performances by acts Haiku-like Imagination, Rishabh Seen and Eccentric Pendulum. Rishabh, who is a classical musician by training, is also possibly the first ‘metal’ sitarist in India. Kaushal, the lead vocalist of the Eccentric Pendulum, had the crowd pumped and moving with his powerhouse performance and ended the evening on a high note.

In between the performances, the usually reticent Ram took to the stage to give Rang De a shout out and spread the word about our work to fight poverty.

Haiku-like imagination were the first performers of the evening
Rishabh Seen is possibly the first metal sitarist in India
Kaushal, the lead vocalist of ‘’Eccentric Pendulum’ delivers a powerhouse performance

#Unscene Day 2

The second day of Unscene was reserved for Indie music, packed with equally brilliant performances by Iram, Oorka and Thakara who brought in plenty of local flavor to the evening. Iram presented the audience with some breezy and textured music with the vocals in Urdu and Hindi filling the listeners with a sense of euphoria. The Chennai-based band Oorka, were a powerhouse on stage while Thakara, the final act of the evening, brought the evening to an end with a soulful rendition of their best hits.

Iram, a Bengaluru-based Indie rock band were the first performers on the second day of Unscene
The Chennai-based band Oorka had the audience grooving to their funky music

The tenth edition of Unscene was two days of great music, during which talented muscians and some beautiful people coming together. The event allowed us to raise money for children from shelter homes that Guardians of Dreams supports.

Over the years, the social investments investments made by Ram have impacted the lives of 558 borrowers across the country.

More importantly, the gracious support of Ram and the musicians he brought together helped us spread our message to a new audience. At Unscene, music brought not only brought people together, it brought them together in support of a social cause.

You can become a Rang De social investor and help fight poverty by investing Rs 100 or more here.

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