Top 5 Rang De Tech Updates of 2013

December 31, 2013
By Rang De Team

2013 saw Rang De not just crossing new boundaries in terms of the borrowers impacted and the number of social investors that joined the family but also in the way our website has changed, new featured that have been added and our continuous effort to improve our user experience. The Rang De Technology Team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes at making the Rang De experience seamless for users of our website and promoting greater information transparency between borrowers, field partners and social investors.

As 2013 draws to a close, here are the Top 5 Technology Developments that have taken place this year!

1. A brand new Rang De website

The Rang De website underwent its largest overhaul to date in January 2013. With a cleaner user interface and more intuitive layout, the new website was aimed at establishing greater ease of navigation among first time users and simplifying the process for making an investment.


2. Rang De Campaigns

Ever wanted to celebrate your birthday in a special way and benefit a social cause? Or rally your friends and families for something you believe in? Now you can! With the introduction of the Rang De Campaigns feature, everyone can launch their own campaign marking the various milestones in life with contributions reaching Rang De borrowers! Since the launch, around 40 campaign have been created and over Rs.5,50,000 raised! When are you staring your campaign?


3. Gift Cards

Rang De Gift Cards are presents that will never go out of fashion and are a great way to celebrate an occasion. This year, we added two important features to our Gift Cards. Users can now purchase multiple gift cards in one transaction and can choose ‘print at home’ gift cards! Not only can the users now purchase multiple gift cards but also have the ability for you to purchase and print gift cards from the comfort of your own home, and send them out as and when you require. Here’s the perfect gift this holiday season!


4. Partner Profile and Borrower profile pages redesigned

This year, we redesigned the Partner Profile and Borrower profile pages to provide more information to the users and make it easier for them to make social investments. To put added emphasis on our borrowers and field partners, links were established between Rang De field partners and the borrowers on the same page and we have also added the ability for our partners to receive donations through their Rang De page should they choose to do so now.


5. Personalized Facebook and Twitter shares

Want to help spread the word about Rang De? Tell your family and friends about supporting a Rang De borrower? We’ve made it simple for you! In 2013, we added a new dynamic option to Facebook and Twitter shares once a social investment have been made allowing your circles to see the name and amount still needed by your particular borrower. With sharing made easy, spreading the Rang De word around is never simpler!


The future of social investing is here. Experience our new platform: