The Power of One: Rhea Hajarnavis’ Fund Raiser

December 16, 2013
By Rang De Team

Rhea Hajarnavis, a student from Class VI, St. Mary’s School, Pune is a young lady who dreams of helping the poor in India. This Diwali, on her parent’s advice, she decided on a plan to make a difference to the underprivileged and make her first investment with Rang De. Here’s her inspiring story!


Having seen multiple occasions of needy people not getting the help they require on television and newspapers, Rhea always wanted to do her part to help them, but she did not know how to get started.

Speaking to her parents who are active Rang De Social Investors, Rhea was inspired to raise money for the Rang De cause to help needy girls her age for their education this Diwali.

She decided to put her skills in making bags and envelopes from recycled and hand-made paper that was taught in school to use. With her whole family pitching in to help she managed to produce 50 bags and 150 envelopes for sale at her colony’s annual Diwali fair that was coming up.


With the help of a few close friend’s Rhea set up her stall at the colony’s Diwali fair. Engaging interested customers and answering queries about their cause, the girls generated a fair bit of buzz at their booth with many people gathering around to purchase the bags. In less than an hour, all the bags and envelopes were sold out with extra orders even being placed with the girls!


At the end of the day, Rhea and the girls raised a total of ₹6000 and she together with her parents, personally came down and handed the funds over to Rang De! The amount raised will go towards funding the education of needy girls. The broad smiles on their faces at the end of the day sums it all up. The entire process was definitely an enriching and meaningful Diwali experience for the girls and they will be actively tracking the recipients of their Diwali efforts with Rang De.

Not wanting to make this just a one off event, Rhea is trying to come up with new ideas to make additional contributions in future. To offer her suggestions or some words of encouragement for a young lady daring to make a difference, do write in to or

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