The Madness Project

May 10, 2014
By Rang De Team

This is a guest post by a Rang De social investor, Siddharth Agarwal. Siddharth is currently studying at IIT Kharagpur, is an amateur photographer and a cycling enthusiast. Here he introduces us to the Madness Project and explains why he chose to support Rang De. We’ll be following his journey across India closely and will be bringing you more highlights from the Madness Project in the coming few weeks.

Welcome, to The Madness Project. A journey from the East to the West Coast of India, being undertaken by two undergraduate students on bicycles, fueled by the zeal to explore ourselves, the desire to understand the complex web of culture in our country and a wish to uplift lives around us. We begin this journey on the 27th of May from Kolkata and aim at reaching Mumbai in a span of 30 days, an approximate total travel distance of 2500 kilometres. I am cycling to raise funds for Rang De’s borrowers while Ujjawal is cycling for Child Rights and You (CRY).

The Madness Project

On a lot of grounds, similarities can be drawn between this project and Rang De. The factors of working at the grass root level, working for the betterment of those who do not have privileges and going all out in the process are just a few of many. I have continuously been inspired by the commitment and efforts of the team at Rang De, here’s a quick tour of how and why.

Beginning with an internship in the summer of 2011, i had the opportunity to observe the working of the company very closely . It was because of the people at the office that i felt so comfortable and was able to deliver, graduating from a fresh intern in the beginning of May 2011 to running the TCS 10K Bangalore Marathon with the team in June 2011. The amount of work outflow, the thought process behind each idea/process and the creativity infused into making the process interactive surely inspired me and put into my mind what an ideal workspace would look like.

The association with Rang De has continued ever since and I’ve worked with them on various platforms, getting to learn a lot at each step and as mentioned earlier, being continuously inspired by the thought and idea behind the working of the organisation. Adding to that, being a social investor has given me a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in doing my bit towards the society even while i was attending to my tasks at college.

The inception of this project took place a long time ago, but the moment we decided to go huge, the first thought that crossed my mind was to use this opportunity to raise funds for Rang De, and help the society in whatever we can. My conversation with Smita regarding the project is still etched in my mind, the excitement still running through me. The team has been a great support in creating awareness about the project, in setting up the online portal for fund raising and for pushing us further in the project that we’ve undertaken. We hope that we’ll be able to reach our target, rather, surpass it and make a huge impact. Here’s hoping that more of you join us on this journey, not literally on the roads, cycling with us, but in our efforts in helping eradicate poverty in India.

I would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude towards CoolAge for having agreed to support our trip through various avenues, and in encouraging us to undertake this task.

“It isn’t an easy task to do, but then, most worthwhile things are not.”

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