The Joy of Volunteering

May 4, 2012
By Rang De Team

By Sreekanth Raghunath, Rang De Volunteer and Bangalore Chapter President

A casual search on LinkedIn for innovative social enterprises working towards poverty alleviation in India is what led me to Rang De almost 3 years ago. Since then, I have been volunteering with the Bangalore Chapter of Rang De! Below is my attempt to put together a brief write-up regarding why Rang De needs volunteers, what it means to be a volunteer at Rang De, what roles, responsibilities and opportunities volunteering brings with it, how volunteering can change one’s world view and the kind of impact one can create by being a volunteer.

To make sure that avoidable overheads don’t raise the cost of micro-credit reaching rural entrepreneurs, Rang De seeks support from volunteers from across India and overseas to help spread the word and raise awareness about its non-profit model of micro-credit. Volunteers help Rang De to reach out to potential social investors and potential field partners as well.

Rang De Chapters are active volunteer groups across major cities in India and a few cities overseas. They are excellent platforms for Rang De social investors to network and brainstorm, plan and participate in activities that help reach out to potential social investors in innovative ways! Some of the Chapter activities so far have been:

Volunteering at Rang De is an excellent opportunity to meet and work closely with like-minded socially inclined individuals! It offers tremendous scope for taking initiative, both at an individual level as well as being part of volunteer teams, to bring about effective social change at the grassroots level. Going on field visits and evaluating borrowers helps volunteers see rural lifestyles from an entirely different perspective and is an extremely enriching experience.

By transitioning into an NBFC P2P under the new RBI guidelines, Rang De is taking a step forward in social investing. Join us today by visiting our platform