The Girl Effect

October 18, 2010
By Rang De Team
By Nitin Nagori, Guest Blogger

Look at the video above first, I don’t think I will have to write anything after that.

Men in societies such as ours are invariably the bread earners, but most of them don’t know how to use it in the best possible way.It is the women who after doing all their operations research, maximize the output to survive even on a low-income.

This unique quality was given to them from their mothers, but along with these gems comes stones like that they should get married early, never revolt to their husband’s bad habits & have lots of babies. People can argue about it but the main cause of population explosion is because the male & female partners are not having an equal status in the family.

I have been to a trip in the village of Kuthambakam with a group of individuals, where we had met Mr. Elango. He told the main problem of the village was that the men beat their wives after drinking. The first thing he tried to eradicate was the drinking problem. Once the men were sober, they began to respect their wives & helped them in setting up cottage industries.

I went to Vandavasi to meet Rang De’s borrowers. We met some 4–5 of them & all of them were women who were running the show. One widow had started a little restaurant & her aim was to make sure her only son gets through college. One mother daughter pair made sarees & other women apparels. It was heartening to see their families being supportive of them.

As responsible citizens & the youth change producers, we should promote the equality between the girl & boy child. Stop discriminating between them. An educated girl can improve the society in a better way than an educated boy.

About Nitin:

Nitin is currently working as an analyst in Pune. He believes that we can help our society improve by helping each other and he feels that Rang De is the best way to give to the talented yet needy people so that they can prosper & come out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

Nitin blogs on his blog titled “The Time travelers’ thoughts

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