The Freedom Bus!

August 17, 2012
By Rang De Team
The group interacting with borrowers!

The group interacting with borrowers!

By Smita Ram, Rang De Team

On 13th August 43 of us set out on a roadtrip to Pusad covering close to 2000 kms, cutting across the boundaries of 3 states. Pusad — a small town in the heart of the Vidarbha region was the unheard of destination. To think that 43 individuals, most of them complete strangers would spend the next 72 hours together travelling and sharing their views on social change and Rang De was unthinkable until a week ago for all of us who were part of the Freedom Bus.

It all started with the spark of an idea. We wanted to do something unique for Independence Day and thought of a field trip. The spark got ignited with Raghu Dixit’s involvement and his interest to interact with his borrowers in Pusad. We decided to throw open the invitation to Raghu Dixit’s fans and lo! the Freedom Bus started to take shape.

Raghu Dixit & Laxmi Pandhare's family

Raghu Dixit & Laxmi Pandhare’s family

The group started from Bangalore on 13th August and reached Pusad on 14th morning. After a sumptuous Maharashtrian breakfast of poha and jalebis, the groups took off to interact with borrowers who had taken a loan from Rang De. Raghu Dixit who is also Rang De’s Brand Ambassador met with borrowers in whose businesses he had invested.

Raghu Dixit Live!

Raghu Dixit Live!

For the first time ever, many of us were interacting with borrowers. And for the first time many of us understood the importance of credit in economic empowerment. We understand the impact of Rang De and its field partner’s work in supporting entrepreneurs. We were also exposed to the different dimensions of poverty and how debilitating it can be.

Field trip and an authentic Maharashtrian meal done, it was time to be enthralled by the man himself! To have the opportunity to interact with and watch Raghu Dixit Live in concert was simply a dream come true. The icing on the cake was the community members joining us to watch the concert!

The community joined us to watch Raghu Dixit Live!

The community joined us to watch Raghu Dixit Live!

This Independence Day, we decided to take the Road not taken. At the end of the journey, we had spent time with Raghu Dixit, we had made new friends, we had listened to some amazing music, we had chatted about Rang De, we had eaten the best food ever and we had had the best fun ever!

At the end of the Journey - The Freedom Bus Trippers

At the end of the Journey — The Freedom Bus Trippers

To comply with RBI regulations, Rang De’s lending operations are moving from to our brand new platform Visit to continue social investing.

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