The flood situation in Kurnool — Update 1

October 8, 2009
By Rang De Team

The flooding in the southern states of Karanataka and Andhra Pradesh in the last week has had a tragic impact on the lives of people, especially in the area of Kurnool. Rang De has been working with field partner HOPE in Kurnool to get information about the situation and also support them in the best way possible. It is anyone’s guess that getting accurate information is not going to be easy. Mr. Jaykumar from HOPE in Kurnool and his team have been doing their best to provide us with information.

This is a first hand account of the situation from Mr. Jaykumar:

“Due to the over flow of water in the Karnataka state the water gates of Hospet dam were opened and the water level increase in all Rivers like Tungabhadra , Handri and Krishna. Tungabhadra water entered in to Mantralayam village and due to the heavy inflow the entire area was flooded with water up to 25 to 30 feet on 1st Oct night. The netire region of Mantralayam was very badly destroyed, people have lost everything. Whole town is filled with mud water. We don’t know how many clients and their spouses are alive, their cattle animals are died due to heavy water. At present Hope has 220 clients at Mantralayam out of that 50 clients are Rang De borrowers. We have already started distribution of food in the flood affected areas.

We will send the photographs and Video clips by tomorrow.”

Rang De has informed social investors about the situation and our inability to provide accurate information about the situation. We have had an overwhelming response of support from all our social investors and we are closely working with HOPE. We are grateful to the support of all our social investors. We leave you with a few responses from our social investors:

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