The Calm Before Our Storm…

July 31, 2009
By Rang De Team
By Smita Ram, Rang De Team

Rang De team member Diksha (right) takes a count of the number of punches made by a participant in Rang De’s “Knock Out” punching bag contest.

Be it our Rang De neighbourhood tea party or our futile attempt at the Tidel Park train station, there has been one thing common across all our campaigns — the resolve to educate people about microcredit which only grew stronger.The first few attempts were not fruitful in the sense that we were unable to get the results we were hoping to achieve. A good friend, in fact, remarked to me that sharing negative experiences may not be a great idea. I stood firm — there is nothing wrong in admitting to things that go wrong because things do go wrong.

A child is delighted after participating in Rang De’s “Knock Out” punching bag contest. He stands against the backdrop a Rang De stand up banner.

A few weeks down the line, things are looking a lot brighter for Rang De’s off-line campaigns — they are actually bringing us great results. The last weekend at Globus was a classic example. For the first time we had kids participating in the ‘Knock out Poverty’ game and guess what? They were literally dragging their parents to our stall.

Rang De co-founder Ms. Smita Ram makes a social investment for a family at Globus T Nagar, Chennai. On spot social investments are on the rise at Rang De campaigns.

The parents who reluctantly came to us went back as totally different people. They were people who now understood microcredit and how it worked. Well, their impulsive social investments definitely goes to prove that, doesn’t it? Nothing gathers momentum instantly. The calm only indicates an impending storm!

Few more campaigns are lined up in the next couple of weeks. Another lesson learnt there by the Rang De team — to hang in there and keep trying.

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