The Annual Microfinance Summit 2009

November 6, 2009
By Rang De Team

The annual Microfinance India Summit 2009 with the theme of Doing Good and Doing Well was held on 26th, 27th and 28th October. This year though the event was held at a different venue — The Taj Palace. Of course it meant that stall participants had to pay more than the previous years. The upside however was that the staff at Taj Palace were extremely courteous and always had a ‘’Happy to Help” gesture. You will know how towards the end of the blog.

After the initial dilemma of whether to make it or not to the event and with the organisers agreeing to give us a discount for the stall, the team decided to participate. Rang De was represented by Ram — CEO, Diksha — Alliances Manager, Krishnan — Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Gurinder -Founder and President of the Rang De Delhi Chapter.

Compared to the previous years, there was a definite lull. There were less number of participants. The high delegate fees could have been one of the reasons. However, the Rang De team felt that there was participation from a diverse audience this time around. This experience was also true of the kind of people who visited the Rang De stall.

Unlike the previous years, where participation was mainly from micro finance institutions, this time, there were professionals, corporates, bankers, foundations and of course seriously interested micro finance institutions as well. Rang De walked away with some very important leads to corporate social investors and field partnerships as well.

For a change, the team also managed to get social investments — as much as 30 social investments. With Rang De gift vouchers now being sold at Rs.100, more and more people are willing to embrace the Rang De way of making a difference. The team got a little creative and in order to display how easy it was to support Rang De — they came up with the ‘I Support Rang De Campaign.’ All one had to do was display their support to Rang De by holding a placard that said so. And just see how many people were willing to do so by visiting our FlickR page.

Thanks to the friendly office Manager at Taj for helping the team print those placards in a jiffy.

The event also boasted of some high profile delegates. The session that had a lasting impact on the Rang De team was a session moderated by Dr. Nachiket Mor on the need to set up new institutions for financial inclusion.

This annual event that Rang De has been attending for three consecutive years has now become more of a family reunion for the regulars and for Rang De its nostalgia all over again. All in all we have always found this to be a great event to network with people from the industry and micro finance enthusiasts.

Rang De is transitioning from a charitable trust to a Non Banking Financial Company. Check out our brand new peer-to-peer lending platform