The Annual Microfinance India Summit 2008 — We were there, again!

November 18, 2008
By Rang De Team

Last year, we launched Rangde at the prestigious annual microfinance summit. This year we went back to flaunt what we had achieved! The truth be told, not many of the policy makers, practitioners, or promoters gave us much of a chance of survival — With the economic downturn that has affected banks and financial institutions, we didn’t stand a chance, they imagined.

However, when we showed up, we surprised them, not just by being alive but having grown as well. The people at the summit were without question, impressed. Our presence there proved to them that our borrowers were unaffected — they remained untouched by the good and the evil of the economy.

The summit proved to be an important platform for sharing our experience with a global audience. It also provided an avenue to learn about the international trends and best practices for adaptation at Rangde.

The theme for this year’s summit was “The Poor First”. At Rangde, we are totally in agreement with the theme. We constantly work towards providing new and meaningful opportunities for our investors and goodwill partners.

We know that we now have a greater sense of responsibility, with the industry watching us, up close and personal. We feel confident that with socially responsible people like you partnering with us, we will bring “change” to the world in our small way.

We expect to create a cognitive impact on the participants of the summit in the years to come!

After 11 years of operations, Rang De is now taking a massive leap forward with our brand new peer-to-peer lending platform Check it out.