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Why I run

Posted By Rang De Team in UpdatesWhy I run

I run because… when the fresh morning air hits my faceit doesn’t matter if I’m young no moreit doesn’t matter that my career is going nowhereit doesn’t matter that I don’t fit into a stereotype I run because what matters is…that single momentthat next stepand then the nextand the next I run because every step…fills […]

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As we turn 5…

Posted By Rang De Team in UncategorizedAs we turn 5…

Rang De was started with a desire to make a difference. 5 years on, we believe we are on our way to doing just that. This 26th January, Rang De turned 5 and through the highs and lows of our journey, we’ve impacted more than 19,000 households. We’d like to thank everyone in the Rang […]

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The Joy of Volunteering

Posted By Rang De Team in UncategorizedThe Joy of Volunteering

By Sreekanth Raghunath, Rang De Volunteer and Bangalore Chapter President A casual search on LinkedIn for innovative social enterprises working towards poverty alleviation in India is what led me to Rang De almost 3 years ago. Since then, I have been volunteering with the Bangalore Chapter of Rang De! Below is my attempt to put […]

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Start Young!

Posted By Rang De Team in UncategorizedStart Young!

Malini Srikrishna, High School Student and Rang De Volunteer talks about the importance of starting young in the social space: “Starting young is important because this makes sure that social service isn’t just an activity for students but a way of life.” Organizations like Youth For Seva and Sri Sathya Sai Youth have made schools […]

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Concluding “Behind the scenes at Rang De”

Posted By Rang De Team in UncategorizedConcluding “Behind the scenes at Rang De”

By Shirley Ghosh, Rang De Team Although this is a series that could go on and on, as the number of volunteers and friends of Rang De grow, this is the last one in the current series. We hope you have been playing the guessing game and had some success too. While most of us […]

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Let’s Give their dreams hues of reality!

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With Gandhi Jayanthi just around the corner, we present to you a poem titled “Let’s give their dreams hues of reality!”. The poem was written by Arvind Iyer, a Rang De Supporter. Arvind writes to us saying: On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi, this poem is dedicated to the ‘Rang De’ initiative which is engaged […]

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Behind the Scenes @ Rang De Part 5

Posted By Rang De Team in UncategorizedBehind the Scenes @ Rang De Part 5

By Preena Deepak, Rang De Team Over the past month we have been constantly asking our volunteers how they got to know about Rang De and the end of this has been a series of interesting responses. It is amazing to note that the word about Rang De and its mission to do away with […]

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Behind the scenes @ Rang De — Part 3

Posted By Rang De Team in UncategorizedBehind the scenes @ Rang De — Part 3

By Preena Deepak, Rang De Team Rang De’s growing volunteer base has many a time been a source of immense inspiration to the team and a beacon to keep us going. When volunteers voice out their beliefs in our mission and pitch in to help beyond money, Rang De receives a second confirmation that all […]

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Whassup at Rang De!

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If you are like some people we know that is looking for meaningful ways to spend time and are looking to volunteer as an option, Rang De is an ideal destination! You can count on your volunteering work to be memorable and meaningful and be rewarded by the knowledge that your work makes a difference. […]

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