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Top 5 Rang De Tech Updates of 2013

Posted By Rang De Team in UncategorizedTop 5 Rang De Tech Updates of 2013

2013 saw Rang De not just crossing new boundaries in terms of the borrowers impacted and the number of social investors that joined the family but also in the way our website has changed, new featured that have been added and our continuous effort to improve our user experience. The Rang De Technology Team has […]

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Going Viral

Posted By Rang De Team in UncategorizedGoing Viral

By Sahana Suresh - Rang De Volunteer There is a reason why people call it “going viral”. Ideas are infectious agents, potentially catastrophic and undisputedly life changing. There are the good ideas…and there are the bad. The personal computer as we know it today is a revolutionary idea that transformed into a worldwide demand. Bad […]

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We’ve hit a century!

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By Arvind Sridharan, Rang De Team We at Rang De take pleasure in announcing that we have crossed the 100-blog post mark. Even though we are on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we at Rang De feel that through our blog, we can keep people best posted on the happenings at Rang […]

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