Special Screening of the movie MOD, by Nagesh Kukunoor

November 7, 2011
By Rang De Team
By Ankur Singh, Rang De Bangalore Chapter

‘Poverty is a myth, it is just the imbalance of distribution of wealth’. Some people are doing everything they can to bring about that balance so that one day we can realize that poverty was a myth.

Ever wonder about the idea of having a ‘Bollywood style’ entertainment and combining it with a cause. Few people made it happen on 15th October 2011 when a special screening of ‘Mod’ a film by Nagesh Kukunoor was organised in Bangalore.

To quote Nagesh Kukunoor, who so graciously attended the event, “I support Rang De deeply and the cause they fighting for”. It was an implicit appeal to people to do their bit for this cause. Travelling all the way from Mumbai despite his busy promotion schedule , it reflected his concern and commitment to the cause and organization. Isn’t it time for us to support this fight ?

Rang De team and volunteers did all it took to make the event. What more to ask from an evening which meant having a fun filled entertainment with the responsibility of creating awareness about a cause. It was the best of both worlds.

At times I hear people saying, social work is not their cup of tea or postpone it for the future. I have just one question to them, if not now then when?

It’s high time we join and spread the colours of joy true to the name Rang De!

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