Running on Faith

May 20, 2014
By Rang De Team

Two days since the Bangalore10k and we are still recovering from the high (and the niggling injuries). Yesterday, we got an email from the organizers with our official timing and few photographs of us running. Some of us were disappointed, we thought we had run faster, others were pleasantly surprised. And now that the photographs have been shared, timings have been posted, and the pain is a fading memory we thought it would be a good idea to share one more post for the road.

First up, give it up for Sagi, Nishan, Ramya and Asutosh for running for Rang De. You guys are fabulous, a big thank you from the Rang De team for starting campaigns, writing about them, and reaching out to your friends and family. We truly do appreciate it. As of 20th May 2014, we all collectively raised 70,400 for Rang De’s borrowers.

A heartfelt thank you to all our supporters, friends, family and strangers, for believing in us. It got us past our laziness, bouts of stomach flu and aching muscles.

Thank you to all Bangaloreans who sacrificed their Sunday morning and turned up to cheer. Strangers who held up placards in the air and stood on the sidelines giving out free high-fives, uncles and aunties on their morning walk who took a detour and clapped their hands in encouragement, the young girls and boys at the refreshment stands handing out water and peeled oranges, you were all wonderful.

Last but the least we are grateful to the organizers for a job well done (except the finishers medal collection bit, next year separate lines for entry and exit please), to the entertainers: the drummers, the DJs, the dancers etc, to the cleaning crew for not letting us trip and fall on empty water bottles, to the authorities for guiding traffic thus ensuring the safety of the runners and to all participants- it was a honour to run alongside you all. Till next year then!


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