Run for Rang De — Road Runners

April 29, 2014
By Rang De Team

This is part 1 of a series of posts that we will be carrying. Our next post will feature some of our social investors who are running for Rang De this year.

Human beings aren’t really born to be runners, we weren’t born with the grace of a gazelle or the powerful hind muscles of a cheetah. Thanks to our overgrown brains we have outsmarted all our predators and created far more convenient and exciting modes of travel. And yet every year thousands of people travel across the world to run alongside their friends, family and strangers. Some do it to push their bodies to the limit, others do it for the humbling experience that comes from being a small drop in the huge sea of humanity.

And on May 18th 2014, I along with three other Rang De colleagues will be running for Rang De. Sowmya is the veteran runner amongst the four of us. She’s done the TCS 10K a couple of times now, this January she even ran the Mumbai half marathon. For her this ought to be a cakewalk, but she is determined to improve on her previous time. Anchal’s been living in Bangalore for a few years now, but has never had the chance to run the 10K before. Her petite frame belies the strength she possesses and she is certain that at the finish line, she’ll still be standing on her own two feet. Soumya has also run the TCS 10K before, but she hasn’t run long distances for a while now. She is confident that she’ll complete the 10K, even if she has to walk the last 2–3 kilometres! As for me, Tanvi, am a procrastinator and running is something I have been meaning to take up forever. I am convinced that once I get over the hesitation of running in public I will be zipping all over town. The 10K seems like a good place to start.


So that’s us: the Rang De Road Runners. We are running to prove something to ourselves, to be a part of a celebration, for the endorphins and joy. But most of all we are running for those Indians who continue to live on the margins. We believe that the birth lottery shouldn’t be the sole determinant of the course of one’s life, and that those of us who are born under the right stars have a responsibility towards others. We do hope that you’ll support our campaign and help us reach our goal.

Do you run as well? What motivates you? We would love to hear your story.

P.S.: We have had two more additions to the Road Runners. Smita and Ram are now running the #TCS10K as well. And those of you who are running the #10K we’ll see you there !

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