Run for Rang De at the 10K in May!

March 20, 2012
By Rang De Team

Rang De is excited to participate in the TCS World 10K Run which will be held in Bangalore on Sunday, the 27th of May, 2012. The run starts and ends at Kanteerava Stadium. Registration begins on Wednesday, the 21st of March on the TCS 10K Website. You can sign up for the 10k run or the 5.7K Majja Run (see the official website for the full list of categories).

How does Run for Rang De work?

Rang De Team Members at the TCS 10K Run in 2011

Rang De Team Members at the TCS 10K Run in 2011[/caption]

In the past, Rang De Team members, volunteers, chapter members and supporters came forward to Run for Rang De. Each one pledged to raise an amount of their choice and helped raise funds through their individual donation pages. (See Gautam Mahanti’s donation page for the Mumbai Marathon). Family, friends and colleagues contributed to support and fulfill their runners’ pledges.

How will this help Rang De?

Marathons have been a great way for us at Rang De to create awareness about the cause and raise funds. While the awareness helps us in getting more people involved, funds raised from the marathon will help us meet some of our overheads. You could also choose to invest directly by funding an entrepreneur of your choice. Either ways, you can be sure that your contribution will add a smile to a rural entrepreneur and his/her family.

How can I participate?

Rang De Runners at a Half Marathon in Delhi

Rang De Runners at a Half Marathon in Delhi[/caption]

Run for Rang De:

We would be delighted if you joined us! To Run for Rang De:

1. Email us and we will setup a donation page for you.

2. Go to the TCS 10K website and register for the run.

3. Spread the word about Rang De and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to support you by contributing towards your pledge or to run themselves!

Don’t forget to train for your run. If you’re just starting, here’s a ‘Couch to 5k plan’ and here are some plans for more advanced runners. And finally, get ready to join Team Rang De on May 27th at Kanteerava Stadium and have fun while you run!

Support our Runners:

You can also support us in our Run for Rang De by making a contribution towards any of our runners. Help them reach their pledged amounts and help us spread the word by sharing this page with your friends, family and colleagues:

Thank you for your support!

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