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December 18, 2009
By Rang De Team
By Smita Ram, Rang De Team

A simple logo designed by Vibhore — Vice President, Strategy

Says the official Rang De poster for the Mood Indigo event. Who would have thought that one of the biggest Cultural fests in Asia would have anything to do with microcredit? Well, even we were not sure that the organisers of Mood indigo would let us be associated with it. But it turned out the other way round. Finally we are officially associated with the event with just one clear objective — To talk to people about something that the Rang De team is passionate about — microcredit!

Prep to MI’09

The last few days in the Rang De office has been a frenzy. To be honest there was not much time to recover from the recent Field Partner Meet.The team had to fling into action the minute we got back but this time with a much stronger and a bigger team. We had with us three committed, passionate and youthful team members — Vibhore Vardhan who has joined us Vice president strategy, Arvind — whose spirits represent the future of Rang De and Manoj Mahadevan — whose rock solid support has only encouraged the team to push its own boundaries.

They have put together a fantastic line up of events for the Rang De stall. One may wonder how these events are connected to what we do at Rang De. And yes they are clearly not. But one thing all these events are designed to do is to get people to interact with us and in the process we get to explain to them in simple terms what microcredit is and for the first time in India how individuals can participate in it through Rang De. The Rang De Mumbai Chapter members are pitching in too by volunteering — after all we are talking about an event that is probably the largest crowd puller of sorts and attracts the youth from all over India.

A poster that will be posted across the IIT Bombay campus during Mood Indigo 2009. Hats off to our design partners Cheese Care for their fabulous designs.

Special mention needs to be made of our design partner Cheese Care who went all out of their way to make sure we got all our posters, emailers and other vouchers designed.

The team is headed tomorrow to Mumbai by the Chennai Dadar Express at 6.00 am. The entrance to our office speaks volumes of the kind of activities we have. There are T-shirts, caps, punch bags, projector, banners many more that I have lost track of. All that remains now is to pack up and head to Mumbai. It is going to be a long journey by train and that will give the team enough time to plan its communication strategy for the next four days.

Mood Indigo’ 09 ….Here we come!

The full list of events can be viewed on the Rang De Chapters Portal

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