Replacing the ’N’ in NGO!

July 26, 2012
By Rang De Team
By Ramakrishna NK, Rang De Team Member

For decades now, thousands of NGOs have been working across the globe to make this world a better place. Think about it, if all of us NGOs put together were indeed working efficiently, there should have been a remarkable acceleration in solving some of the most pressing problems. In reality we are far from there. Often, NGOs are left with no option but to dedicate a significant amount of their time in raising resources. The resources are never enough to meet the needs of the society,especially in developing nations such as India.

If at all there is one body that has the resources and the bandwidth to create an impact and solve these problems, it is the government. A glance at some of the schemes that have been launched by the government to address issues and the budgets allocated to these will give us a sense of the scale. The sheer scale which a government initiative can reach is almost unimaginable for us NGOs.

So, here we are in an imperfect situation. Organisations that have good intent but no resources on one hand and on the other the government which has been elected to power by the people and has the resources to do what it wants but not necessarily the intent.

The perfect solution for the problem would be for NGOs to work closely with the government and ensure that its schemes are implemented. Where the government’s intention fails, that’s where an NGO’s goodwill can make a huge difference.

I often think that the ’N’ in NGO alienates non-profit organisations from the government. The irony is that it is important that organisations are for-government and try and work alongside it. This complimentary approach will help address the problem more effectively.

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