Rang De’s Knock out Campaign at Globus, Chennai

July 15, 2009
By Rang De Team
By Arvind Sridharan, Summer Intern

The evenings of Saturday July 11 and Sunday July 12 saw the Rang De team at Globus T Nagar, Chennai with newly designed bookmarks (by Shayak of Cheese care), a big white banner, a new punching bag (painted by Diksha and Praveen) and other materials like sheets with the “Rang De Globus Quiz” and visiting cards.

After getting set up with Gnan’s help, Diksha, Arvind and Praveen started the campaign. Rang De’s corner at Globus had caught many people’s eyes. However, as they were busy shopping, they didn’t come over to the stalls even though Praveen gave bookmarks to most people entering and talked his heart out redirecting people to the Rang De corner. The first winner of our punching bag contest was a school boy who was so excited to wear boxing gloves and have a go at the punching stall. The two-evening campaign ended with a Loyola College pass-out punching away at the punching bag along a circlular path. Many middle-aged men opted for the quiz instead of the punching bag contest and found the quiz challenging (reflected by most quiz scores being less than 50%).

Arvind and Praveen explain the concept of Rang De to two different sets of people. These were one of the few occasions when there were more than a couple of people at the Rang De corner.[/caption]

It could be said that this campaign turned out to be a very good past-time for men while their counterparts were busy shopping for Ladies Wear (our campaign was at the Ladies section so not many ladies came) and trying on the clothes (our stall was right next to the Trial Room). In fact, not even a single lady had come to the stall except for an ex Yatri of the Tata Jagriti Yatra 2008 who came to Globus only to see our stall.

We had the opportunity to interact with a variety of people such as people working in IT companies that wanted to do something social, a CSR executive of Cognizant Technology Services, a TCS employee who heard of Rang De six months ago and was very interested in the idea, people running other stalls (namely Zest and BigFlix), part time MCs for Globus for the day, someone who started an NGO in his village to help them with education and even a person who wanted to know how people could borrow money so that he could inform his peer group about Rang De.

Worried that you missed us? You can catch us at the same place and the same time this weekend (July 18 and July 19). We’ll be back with a bang!

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