Rang De World Cup Fever

June 17, 2014
By Rang De Team

This is a guest post by our young intern and football pundit, Armaan Imam, where he introduces you to Rang De’s FIFA World Cup 2014 campaign

The excitement, the heartbreaks and, above all, the marvelous spectacle of the beautiful game. The 1 month festival. It’s back. It seems like just yesterday, when Andres Iniesta hit the back of the net in the 116th minute in Soccer City in Johannesburg to give Spain their first World Cup triumph. The question is, what are the odds of seeing Andres Iniesta in the final this year? With Ronaldo hitting his prime, and Messi being lackadaisical this year, this World Cup is a tough one to call. On July 13th we will have a new world champion but in the meanwhile we will be treated to high quality football, magical flourishes and nail biting finishes. This World Cup is living up to all the hype so far. High scoring games and only one draw!


But enough pontificating, here is what I really wanted to talk to you about: Rang De’s World Cup 2014 campaign. Football has its stars, the ones that draw the eyeballs and sign multi million dollars worth of endorsement. But at the end of the day, the game boils down to 11 men against 11 others. The game is about teamwork, the defenders, the midfielders, the forwards, the goal keepers working in tandem. And just like football Rang De is a platform that lets ordinary yet privileged Indians ( like you and I) with different capabilities and wallet sizes to make a difference, together. By providing low income households affordable microloans, you can help a family beat poverty. This month, you can make a difference to the society by combining your passion for football with your love for humanity. All you have to do is make a pledge. A pledge, which could change someone’s life. Visit the campaign page and choose your favourite team and player. Write your pledge and enter your contact details. If your favourite player or team wins or scores as per your expectation, visit Rang De’s website and redeem your pledge. 100% of your pledged amount will be utilized to support Rang De’s borrowers who are in need of affordable microloans to help them overcome poverty. To make it a bit more fun, get your friends to like your pledge; Rang De will showcase the most popular pledges on the leader board. There is Rang De merchandise to be won for the most popular, wackiest pledges.

So lets get started ! I am rooting for Argentina. Apart from Team Rang De ofcourse. Who do you support?

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