Rang De Impact Confluence 2015: An update

March 4, 2015
By Rang De Team

No name could have been more apt for the just concluded meet of our impact partners’ than the name we conceived it with. It was a confluence of the best minds in the impact space, a sharing of values and a rekindling of the spirit to work towards holistic development in India. Stalwarts in the social development space such as Rajendra Joshi of Saath and Stan Thekaekera of Just Change were in attendance; their humility and dedication really bowled us over. The meet also brought together all our impact partners — ‘the real heroes’, as we call them, our board members, our social investors and the entire Rang De team.

As is tradition with all our annual meets, there was an element of surprise this time too. Each day began with yoga, pranayam and, for those who felt the need for more, running. We had with us Michael Francis, a Marathon Coach and a Program Manager at Vigyan Ashram, who ensured that there was enough enthusiasm about health and wellness. The eclectic mix of people added variety to the conversation and brought in richness and different perspectives to the forum.

Day 1 started with an inauguration by Dr. R. Balu — Founder of SVYM. His passionate speech on what he believes is wrong with microcredit and the way we look at development set the tone for the next two days. It emphasised the need to look at addressing poverty holistically. The sessions that followed were from founders of our partner organizations who highlighted the uniqueness in their approaches. Two other important sessions in the day by external speakers were — a session on scaling up for non-profits by Parvathi Menon from Innovation Alchemy and a talk on participative capital by Stan.

Day 2 started with a detailed demo of our platform by the Rang De team, followed by sessions on Six Sigma and new initiatives planned for the next year. We also invited our partners to host a session for the group and we heard some interesting talks in the Open House.

For impact partners who were present, people like Rajendra bhai, Stan, Nalini (Hasirudala), Nileema ji (BNGVN) were an inspiration. The two days provided enough opportunities to share ideas and learn from each other.

For social investors, it was an opportunity to meet the organizations they have been supporting for a while now. The meet provided them an insight into the challenges on the ground and made them more empathetic to the cause they were supporting.

For our board members, the meet was a testimony to the Rang De team’s efforts to build an eco-system that is based on aligned values and mission.

For all of us in the Rang De team, it was a time to celebrate our work, get new insights on how to be more efficient and plan the road ahead!

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