Rang De Groups

April 11, 2013
By Rang De Team

If you are a passionate individual and you are keen on contributing to social change through microcredit, Rang De Groups is a great place to meet like minded people. What’s more? Rang De Groups takes ‘creating social impact’ to the next level and makes social investing even better!

RD Groups

Rang De Groups let you engage with your friends, family and other social investors on RangDe.Org and allows you to lend to rural entrepreneurs as a team. All it takes is joining or creating a Rang De Group for your alumni, work network or a cause you believe in!

You can create your own group, invest on behalf of the group and also invite your friends to join the group.

Here’s the guide to joining and starting a Rang De Group

The TCS World 10K Bangalore Marathon is back and our Rang De Social Investors are running for Rang De. Check out their groups, show your support and help them reach their target!

Get started by joining a Rang De group or creating your own group.