Rang De Connects

August 30, 2008
By Rang De Team

The first of a series of Rang De Friends’ meet was organised in Chennai on 16th August 2008. It was encouraging to see many people turn up even on a Saturday evening. The discussion revolved mainly around Rang De and how people can participate in Rang De.

We were touched to see how people who were completely unknown to us a couple of months ago have become our buddies now. The Rang De Friends’ group has the potential to become a platform for socially conscious people to get together. We believe that the absence of a forum where people can discuss socially relevant ideas results in the death of many ideas that had the potential to create an impact.

While there are plenty of coffee clubs and start up meets that happen in the for-profit sector, it is shocking that there is a complete lack of it in the social space. The Rang De Friends’ meet hopes to evolve into a platform that can convert ideas into reality as most often ideas die because of lack of encouragement.

The next Rang De Friends’ Meet is coming up in Bangalore in the next couple of weeks. So for all of you in Bangalore, here is a chance to catch up with people and share an enriching discussion. For more details on the event and if you want to help in organising it, please contact sowmya@rangde.org.

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