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June 15, 2011
By Rang De Team

Often, it is the of lack of awareness of a problem or the perceived inability to do something about it that makes us inert.

Let’s take the example of India Against Corruption — Each one of us who had experienced corruption directly or indirectly participated in the movement to make our voices heard. The media — both traditional and social helped create a snowball effect. Had we not experienced corruption directly or indirectly, the campaign would not have struck a chord with thousands of us in the civil society.

But how does one experience poverty? Do we know what it means to be poor? We see it all around us, yet we detach ourselves from poverty as we do not experience it first hand. If we could deny the existence of poverty that is so rampant, how do we bring ourselves face to face with issues that apparently do not impact us. What it essentially means is, if there is an issue that does not impact us directly or indirectly then we either deny its existence or shrug off any responsibility towards resolving the issue.

Rang De Box office is an attempt to break the shackles of ignorance through the medium of films. There have been several filmmakers who have tried to show case real issues that plague India. Unfortunately, these films do not receive the kind of audiences or accolades that they receive internationally.

Starting this month, Rang De Box Office will organise a special screening of a film that is of social relevance. It is a free for all event. You can watch and discuss the film and form your own opinions about several issues that India faces. The first screening is being organised by Rang De Delhi Chapter followed by the Bangalore Chapter.

If you would like to organise a screening in your apartment, office or educational institution, you can write to us at smita@rangde.org and we will be happy to help! Join our Facebook Page for updates on screening schedules and the latest from Box Office.

Join us to Discover India and Discover Yourself!

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