Rang De Bangalore Sunday Activities

February 21, 2010
By Rang De Team
By Sreekanth and Sri Ranganathan  Rang De Bangalore Chapter Members

The Rang De Bangalore Chapter has coordinated with Jaaga, a place that plays host to several activities undertaken by organisations in the social/developmental and arts sectors to use Jaaga as a venue to hold its first (of a series of) information-sharing sessions with the interested general public and of course, Chapter members!

Today (Feb 21, 2010), the first meet will be preceded by the founders of Rang De, Ramakrishna and Smita Ram at 16:00. Kindly RSVP by clicking here as the venue can only hold around forty people.

Sri Ranganathan, member of the Rang De Bangalore Chapter Member writes about the Rang De Bangalore Chapter meet on Valentines Day, the first of meets that he has attended. Ranganathan blogs about social change on his personal blog titled “Keep your coins, I want Change!”.

I was brimming with excitement over meeting the Rang De Bangalore team. When i got to this famous hangout called The Egg Factory at St.Marks Road, i was surprised to see a low turnout.

But that did not dampen our spirits, we got down to business straight away. We discussed key issues with regard to spreading awareness and increasing our volunteer base. After an hour long discussion, we decided on two key agenda’s.

– To establish the Bangalore Chapters as a corporate with designated individuals accounting for their roles and responsibilities

-To focus on one key activity that will aid the Rang De cause in the coming month.

– The second agenda got the 7 members throwing in ideas, we narrowed it down to a painting competition to be organised in schools with theme : Colour the Rang De Logo : A very thought provoking idea generated by Mr. Sreekanth.

The first agenda will take shape over the next couple of weeks as Ms. Archana will formulate the draft for designating individuals in the team.

As for my personal agenda, i have decided to prepare a presentation on rural entrepreneurship which is to be presented in all B-schools and leading institutions to raise awareness and bring in social investments! Excited and looking forward to it!

Rang De is transitioning from a charitable trust to a Non Banking Financial Company. Check out our brand new peer-to-peer lending platform rangde.in

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