Rang De at Berlin

November 26, 2009
By Rang De Team

“Our purpose is to share knowledge, connect people and drive social justice maximizing human potential and care in the world”

– Global Online Giving Marketplaces

While Berlin was busy celebrating it’s 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall and the freedom that it signifies, a small group was busy working towards a common purpose and action to break down the walls of poverty, globally.

The Global Online Giving Marketplaces is a group of committed organizations, using the online space as a medium to create awareness on various social issues and enable individuals to bring about a more inclusive world.

Rang De was invited last year to be a part of this group, with Smita and Ram travelling to San Francisco to speak about Rang De. This year around, Rang De travelled to Berlin as one of the organizers of the meet.

The event kicked off with a panel discussion with interesting speakers giving their insights into the online giving space.Hartmut Kozok, managing director of Tribal DDB spoke about bringing people closer to the needs through online giving markets.

Vikki Chowney, a journalist specializing in all things digital, spoke about what works and doesn’t in bringing technology to create social change.Sachar Kriwoj, Head of PR at Scoyo, showed that everyone can be a changemaker by using social media.

Daniel Grozinger demonstrated how pennergame.de games can bring about more awareness on social issues. And Reinier Evers, founder of trendwatching.com left us with the thought on what status to provide to our customers which appeals to their needs.

The next couple of days was a journey into our individual life purposes and consequently our purpose as a group.The common theme that ran through all of us was to connect with people and bring about radical social changes. We even visited a German Soup Kitchen that served food to the homeless, putting into action our collective ideals.

At the end of the workshop, conducted by Neil Crofts, we all agreed that our mission was to Democratize philanthropy and to take the GOGM to the next level by organizing a Global Action Day to bring about awareness in each of our respective countries.

But it was not all work and no play. The evenings were a fun get together with betterplace.org playing perfect hosts and showing us the wild side of Berlin.

In the end, we all left with a bigger sense of purpose in our minds, determined to work as a group to collaborate and share knowledge and with promises to meet up again next year and expand our efforts.

After 11 years of operations, Rang De is now taking a massive leap forward with our brand new peer-to-peer lending platform rangde.in. Check it out.