Progressive Rock Finds An Audience & A Cause To Support At The Humming Tree

February 19, 2017
By Rang De Team

Our social investor organised a series of concerts in five cities and Rainburn, a Bangalore prog rock band, played alongside Mumbai-based Coshish and math rock act Stuck In November at the Humming Tree and helped raise funds for rural entrepreneurs

Our social investors are a wonderful community. Not only do they contribute to the microcredit needs of hundreds of individuals on our platform, they are also keen to inspire others to play their part and get involved in rural development.

Whether organising a photography excursion into rural Telangana to meet women farmers or biking a whole day riding 300kms to meet a borrower who was able to open his own goat farm, there has been a lot of creativity on display over the years.

Celebrities like Raghu Dixit have asked fans to contribute towards the education needs of children from orphanages while 119 netizens made New Year’s pledges vowing to make a sacrifice for the betterment of rural India this year.

Not just focused on fundraising, one of our social investors is currently carrying out a walk along the Ganga to raise awareness about the lives of river folk as well.

Ramakrishnan Krishnan, known as ‘Bantering Ram’ online, is a social investor and a music promoter based in Bangalore. His association with Rang De goes way back as he has been investing since 2008.

Last October, Ram helped ensure that progressive rockers joined the throng as the gig series Progworks On Wheels came to the Humming Tree in Bangalore on October 27 and proceeds from the tickets went towards the microcredit needs of various rural entrepreneurs.

“Independent musicians in this country may be short on money but I’d like to think we’re a lot about “dil” & “pyaar”, Ram told us.

Committed as we are to the cause of poverty alleviation through affordable microcredit provided by a people’s movement, Ram was naturally empathetic to our efforts as he works with musicians looking to break into the scene across cities.

“I see a lot of that [the need for support]. Not just with entrepreneurs but with anybody who is not mainstream or who is trying to get somewhere in life,” he continued.

“If a person is hardworking then it should not be for a lack of support and they shouldn’t have to struggle to get ahead due to lack of funding.”

“Musicians are naturally involved in such causes as they understand what it takes to get somewhere ahead.”

Ram likes how we are leveraging technology and the goodwill of a 11,000+ strong community to help create self-sustaining livelihoods for people who live on the margins.

Over nine years, Ram feels we have remained pragmatic even as we have constantly looked out for ways to improve in our efforts to bridge the divide between rural and urban India.

Ram, third from right, has been regularly promoting independent music in Bangalore

“We had something like 250 people coming on a working Thursday for something as niche as progressive rock,” he recalled.

“I know a few people who came to know of Rang De and they said that they looked it up. At least, people became aware of it. I think a lot of people turned up because of this initiative.”

“Rang De is the only social cause organisation that I am still involved with regularly. Unlike other organisations that are more like agencies and support other organisations, I am not one level removed from the actual beneficiary.

“I know exactly what is happening with how funds are being used and the effect on the beneficiary.”

We are grateful that Ram joins a list of many social investors that have made a difference with their words, actions and even their networks.

Would you be interested in partnering with us like Ram did? Reach out to us at and we can probably brainstorm various different possibilities!

We invite you to start a campaign to help raise microcredit on our platform that focuses primarily towards fulfiling the needs of women borrowers.

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