Pitstop with D. Murali

October 23, 2009
By Rang De Team

The phone rings at 7.45 am and Murali says he is in a meeting. He disconnects the phone and looks at us with a smile and says “He will wonder what sort of a meeting at 7. 45 am?” On that note Ram and I became completely relaxed. We were meeting D. Murali Deputy Editor of Business Line as he had agreed to interview us about Rang De.

The time of meeting was not the only unique thing. The place was even better — we met at Nageswara Rao Park in Mylapore. Amidst the walkers and talkers, we settled down on the lawn in a fairly quiet place, playing hide and seek with the morning sun. While we were just getting used to the early morning meeting and all, Murali removed two small mats from his ‘kit’ and that’s when we began to realise how meticulously planned the interview was. From the same kit, there came out a bottle of water, a tripod, a sony camcorder and a Naturo apple bar. Not to forget the ‘Do not disturb’ kind of a board which said ‘Interview for You tube channel’ to keep the curious at bay.

What followed was one of the most meaningful conversations we have ever had — right from the origins of Rang De to stereotypes in the Indian society to everything that was socially relevant.

Murali has a unique way of asking questions and one is almost unaware of speaking in front of the camera. He makes the whole thing seem like a natural conversation and it was a fantastic experience. At around 10.15 am when we felt there is nothing more to talk about, we decided to wind up — but not without a quick photograph and some guru talk from Murali. At the end of it , we felt ‘what a great way to start the day!’

The links to the footage will be uploaded on D. Murali’s diary.

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