PEP Asia & Rang De — A partnership for good as 20 photographers join the Rang De family

April 26, 2017
By Rang De Team
At PEP Asia 2017, nearly Rs 1.5 lakh was raised to benefit the small businesses of women from rural India. We have a 93% repayment rate on all of our loans

They say empathy rarely extends beyond our line of sight. If it’s out of sight then it’s out of mind.

In our world, the poor and the downtrodden are rarely in our line of sight.

But 20 photographers in PEP Asia thought differently and contributed between Rs. 100 and Rs. 10,000 on our website towards loans for women in rural India. We hope they enjoy being part of our community of 12,000+ Indians that contribute to these small loans (to help women start a grocery shop or buy a cow etc) and over the coming months see how the money makes a difference and gets returned within a year.

For those of you that don’t know us, we were the CSR partner for
PEP Asia 2017 and part of the ticket proceeds from the conference went to support the loans of women looking to start small businesses on our website,

But there’s more.

You can radically extend our line of sight. You can tell stories not just of poverty but also positive stories of change in the lives of these women so that we can show the world that we can make a difference and be #strongertogether.

We had a great time at PEP Asia 2017. We saw such beautiful photographs and such immense passion.

We earnestly hope that some of our new social investors can use their amazing talent and bring alive the stories that can inspire thousands, helping us bring an end to poverty sooner than later.

As we work in 18 states in the country, we are sure there are villages near their homes that you can visit. Just drop us a line and we will support you on your journey.

On behalf of Rang De, we would like to thank Arjun Rajan, Joshua Karthik and Joseph Radhik for making us a part of this wonderful event. We would also like to thank Siva Haran, Patrick Colpron and Mauricio Arias for believing in our cause and registering on our website!

We also would like to say a special thank you to Aayushi Sachadeva who has been an investor with us even before the conference and gave us such wonderful support over the three days at Rang Mandir!

Please reach out to us at if you would like to contribute to our mission. We work in 18 states in the country so we can definitely find a community near you that needs your support!

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