Of Science & Zero Farming!

December 10, 2008
By Rang De Team

On 4th November, I was invited as one of the speakers to talk about Rang De at the PSG Institute of Management in Coimbatore. The topic for the seminar was Human Values at work which I think is a little unheard of in Management Institutes these days. So I readily agreed when one of the professors (also a good friend) from the institute kindly invited me to talk to the students. I love talking to students because I can identify with them and also because not too long ago I was one, and I still continue to be one. There were other speakers as well, distinguished guests included Swamijis from ISKCON and Ramakrishna Mission, believe me there was nothing religious about what they spoke — they spoke in pure management terms and I thought that was fantastic.

I also happened to meet two wonderful people who were also fellow speakers — wiser and experienced than I was, obviously. I am a little reluctant to talk to such people, for fear of not making much sense. However, I seemed to get along extremely well with both. One among them was Mr. Kailash Murthy, a natural farmer who lives and talks the language of nature. He believes in farming with just sunlight and water and promotes the concept of zero farming. What an amazing personality he was! His film was truly a transformational one.At the end of it, we were left wondering as to why this hadnt caught the eye of a policymaker only to realise that it was deliberate.

The second speaker was Prof. Sainath with whom I did get along from the word go but it soon turned into great respect and admiration when I heard him speak about Science and values. Truly, for the first time, I began to realise Science is so much a part of life. This professor also seems to have a strange habit of bumping into his students everywhere. For instance Prof. Vivek from PSGIM was also Sainath Sir’s student and Sir was talking about how he went to Kabini for a holiday and met another student etc.. something incredible about this man was that he could talk about anything and everything with the same kind of depth!!

PSGIM has a great guest house and I got treated with unheard of hospitality. Also at the end of the day, met someone who lived in Kidlington and Oxford which really took me down a nostalgic trip. Its a small world …eh. A perfect ending to the trip was when a little bit of adventure got added to it when I ended up going to the wrong station to catch my train 🙂

Just what I needed to recharge my brain cells and get back to the day to day challenges at Rang De.

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