NEN hosts Entrepreneurship-Week

February 20, 2012
By Rang De Team
Report by Ujjwal Grover(NEN)

Those who have taken a plunge will tell you that entrepreneurship is an arduous and lonely journey, where apart from determination, grit, and the right opportunities at the right time, what one needs is support from the community and expert advice. An effective support system that helps aspiring entrepreneurs achieve the latter is the need of the day. One such support system currently in place in India is the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) which works with over 200 academic institutions and builds entrepreneurship centres in campuses to aid the next generation entrepreneurs in realising their visions.

This year, from February 11th to 18th, NEN organised an E-Week, dedicated to celebrating entrepreneurship across the nation. E-Week 2012 aims at engaging over 600,000 participants across the country. In line with NEN’s spirit, E-Week’s objective is to build an effective support network for aspiring entrepreneurs. According to the official website E-Week 2012 ‘will see active involvement of more than 30 organisations that support entrepreneurship; corporate entities; industry captains, experts, non-profits, and faculty leaders to inspire, encourage, and guide students.’

Rang De’s founder and CEO Ram attended the event and spoke about Rang De and its journey of supporting rural entrepreneurs across the nation. Rang De recognises the necessity to encourage entrepreneurship even at the grass roots level — an effort to make our nation truly self-sustaining.

The theme of this year’s E Week is Invent the Future. Rather than products and services built for up markets, E Week 2012 aims to encourage social entrepreneurship. It aims to bring local opportunities and fundamental problems like sewage disposal, green tech, water and power to the forefront. Something as simple as reusing waste products to make simple items of daily use like soap cases, as undertaken by a women’s self help group in Kovalam, can be a starting point in bringing about a gradual change in the way we manage the fundamental problem of managing waste. The idea is to start out small with the aim of attacking a problem big enough to impact a large section of society.

Follow NEN’s developments via NEN’s official twitter feed. A great platform to connect with other entrepreneurs and showcase your product or share your story.

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