Mother’s Day with Borrower Mothers

May 8, 2010
By Rang De Team
By Preena Deepak, Rang De Team

With Mother’s day just around the corner, no one is exempt from thinking and planning an apt tribute to pay to our dear mothers who play such an important role in shaping us. No matter how old or young, a mother plays a major part in not just nurturing children but also instilling hope in their lives through sacrificial love, sound advice and ample encouragement. As everyone across the world remember this day with tender ways of expressing love and recognition to mothers, it seems appropriate to highlight a whole lot of hard working, affectionate mothers who stretch every atom of their being towards the welfare of their children. This group of mothers, belonging to some of the most backward, neglected and down-trodden sections of the community, express devotion to their family by engaging in small businesses besides a plethora of house-keeping, cooking, cleaning, child care and several other daily chores that easily go unnoticed. They are not put down by financial struggles that plague their lives and like every other mother, dream big for their children.

Rang De is happy to be associated with these mothers by putting low cost credit within their reach. Small loans have transformed several such borrower-mothers who long to educate their children even though they themselves are illiterate (Read our success stories here). To some, these loans have made a new business venture happen. To a majority of Rang De borrowers who are working mothers, these easy to repay loans have helped continue their small businesses without the threat of closure for want of working capital. Several young borrower-mothers with infants to care for have been able to work from home with Rang De loans that have funded enterprises like tailoring, goat rearing, dairy and many others.

Most of these borrower-mothers dream of sending their children for higher studies or to help them have a better standard of life. Their determination combined with accessible micro credit has been a beacon light that guides them with these dreams. Rang De borrower-mothers go on in the hope of a better future. The ever increasing social investors who believe in the cause of Rang De and support these poor entrepreneurs have made this Mother’s Day special to Rang De borrower-mothers.

Though Rang De strives to make this hope a reality in the life of all its borrowers now and in the future, much lies in the hands of every social investor to create social impacts that last. Make this Mother’s day special by making a social investment on a borrower–mother today. It could mean life to them.

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