Meet our Achievers

December 29, 2008
By Rang De Team

Durga, Sapna and Kusum, reaffirm our long-held belief that women in the lower economic spectrum are bankable and creditworthy.

Achiever 1 — Smart, hardworking Durga. Inspired by her husband’s civil construction job and the need for tools in the business, availed a Rang De loan for acquiring tools to rent. On an average she earns Rs. 300 rupees a day renting tools used in construction like hammer, spades and others.

Achiever 2 Young, aspiring Sapna. Professionally manages an agarbathi making business. A loan from Rang De became her resource for money, space and man power. Lets her workers take home the raw material and bring back finished goods and pays them more than the market price for the job done. She is also academically inclined and attends school.

Achiever 3 Bold, daring Kusum. Single parent, owns a cycle shop. Rang De helped her grow her business from a small second hand cycle rental cum spare part shop to what it is today. She owns and rents out brand new cycles and also has her son to help her run her business.

Rang De has made a difference in their lives. By giving them something that we take for granted and have been reluctant to give in the past — Credit; Access to financial capital that has allowed them to make their small businesses grow. Not only have they grown their businesses and increased their incomes but have also begun repaying their loans on time.

At first, all of them took a loan with a fair amount of trepidation. Will they be able to repay the loan? But the need for money outweighed the fear. Today, daily incomes have increased 3 folds and being able to feed and cloth the family is no longer a concern they look to the future with hope.

The families have changed their life fortunes and have begun cycling upwards from the depths of poverty. From living hand to mouth and eating only when they had work, they eat three square meals a day.

This is not fiction. This is for real. Micro loans are not a theoretical concept that is going to take ten years to make a difference. You can check back in 2 weeks. And you see that it has already made a difference.

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