Matti Manushulu — People of the Soil, A Photo Exhibition for The Women Farmers of Telangana

August 3, 2016
By Rang De Team

Until ALC India got in touch with these farmers, they would spend a lot of money on middlemen and transporters to sell their produce or buy fertiliser. Now, they are freed of such unfair dependencies | Photo by Abhinaba Chatterjee

Find the event invite for Hyderabad here and the one at Bangalore at the following link.

Earlier in June, one of our social investors Saurabh Chatterjee (a leading photographer who has been featured in The National Geographic Traveller) organised a workshop taking 13 amateur photographers to Mahbubnagar where we have supported a 900-strong women producer company with a 
Rs 20-lakh working capital loan.

We are now proud to announce that the best photographs from the workshop will be featured at photo exhibitions in Hyderabad and Bangalore during the Independence Day week. There is no entrance fee and residents of the two cities are invited to show their support to the farmers of India with their patronage.

Entitled Matti Manushulu which translates as ‘People of the Soil’, we hope this exhibition will draw much-needed attention towards women farmers and their quest for financial freedom.

This exhibition will also be unlike any other as visitors can make an impact in the lives of the people they see in the photographs almost instantly if they wish to do so.

Based in one of the most backward districts in India, the Hasnabad farmer producer company is an effort to emancipate farmers by getting them access to working capital, agricultural inputs and improving market linkage so that they get a fair price for their produce.

Primarily growing red gram, cotton and paddy, many of these women are also dairy farmers and earn a monthly income of Rs 2,000 per month.

As in most areas, the women farmers do a majority of the back-breaking work that goes into farming but get a very small proportion of the final price. ALC India seeks to correct that by forming farming producer companies where the women are given key leadership positions | Photo by Saurabh Chatterjee

The photos showcase beautiful vistas of rural life and showcases women farmers at work in the field. The photographers take us on a journey where we get to glimpse different walks of life within a village setting in rural Telangana.

Mesmerising portraits show an array of emotions of a life that urbanites would appreciate. The photographers, residents of Hyderabad, were equally fascinated with the unique window into a life of little joys in spite of harsh conditions endured on a daily basis.

These two exhibitions would be a treat for photography enthusiasts, socially conscious individuals and those interested in learning more about life in rural India.

It will be a week-long exhibition in both cities and the proceeds from any sales will go towards supporting the Kodangal Farmer’s Producer Company.

The inauguration of the exhibition will take place at Lamakaan at 3pm on August 13 while the Bangalore event takes place a day later at 4pm in Rangoli Metro Art Gallery.


Lamakaan, Off Road No. 1, Banjara Hills, Opposite GVK One, Hyderabad from Aug 13–21, 10am-7pm (


Belaku — Rangoli Metro Art Gallery, MG Road, Bangalore from Aug 14–21, 10am-7pm (

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