Marathon update -1

March 18, 2009
By Rang De Team

We foresee that there will be more updates, hence the title!

At Rang De, we strive to share and spread the colors of joy by doing things differently. And the marathon is one such example of our attempts.

Traditionally, participants of a marathon pledge to raise any amount as donations for a charity. The donations are collected as cheques,DD’s or online transfers and routed to the charity of their choice.

For the May 10th — Sunfeast 10 k Run, Rang De proposes to raise “social investments” instead of donations. Every supporter of the Rang De cause will invest a loan instead of contributing to charity.

Your money will be lent out to a needy borrower who will not only return the loan with a rate of interest after a specified period of time, but also you will get a social return — the good feeling that you made a difference!

So, come on, show us your support, people! See you at Bengaluru!