Making Unorthodox New Year Resolutions Impacting 112 Lives

January 31, 2017
By Rang De Team
We regularly run online fundraising campaigns to canvass support for the microcredit needs of various communities. Most recently, Raghu Dixit called on his fans to contribute to the education needs of children from shelter homes

All through December 2016 and into the new year, we ran an online campaign. Before we started this campaign, we asked ourselves — could we not combine that resolve for self-improvement with the desire to improve the lives of so many in rural India?

We urged our fellow netizens to say #IGiveUp to a small convenience or pleasure that we often take for granted. The I Give Up campaign aimed to help everyone work towards their betterment while making a social change.

A promise to uphold — with more than just yourself benefiting if you succeed.

We had over 100+ pledges that raised over Rs 130k+. While some vowed to watch one less movie and contribute that money towards their pledge, others kicked a bad habit. A pledge was made to give up all the money they would have spent on cigarette packs for the entire year. Cab rides, restaurant meals, movies, road trips and a lot more were given up to benefit Dhokra artisans.

Some of you sent us pictures of what you gave up, others spread the word through social media.

While some of the participants tagged their friends to say #IGiveUp with them on Twitter, others shared their pledge on Facebook.

What started out as a ripple created a wave of kindness just like how we predicted back in early December.

With the help of your efforts, our campaign was a success. With the help of these pledges, a farmer might be able to sleep without worrying about where his family’s next meal will come from. A student from rural Madhya Pradesh might be able to secure a better future by paying for his upcoming semester’s fees with the help of one of the cheapest education loans in the country.

It was all kicked off by the public pledges made by two of our very own team members at Rang De

We often fail to think of how much impact a little contribution can make but these small amounts, when pooled together and converted into social investments, have the potential to transform the lives of people.

Rural entrepreneurs like Shanti, a widow in Cuddalore, who had to take up animal husbandry to support her family or a small business owner in Mysore who wanted to break away the chains of poverty with the help of a Rang De loan probably can’t imagine that people are active on something like the Internet. But we consistently believe in raising awareness about their lives and using the power of crowdsourcing to raise funds in a far more cost-effective manner than offline fundraisers that are fast becoming a thing of the past.

Your pledges made at a click of the button raised more than Rs 1.39 lakhs and will impact 112 borrowers.

For all those who have helped us by investing, spreading the word or by participating in our many online campaigns over the past nine years, we would like to say thank you!

Thank you for always remembering the importance of giving to others.

Please do not let the momentum fade and please do invest in borrowers in need of funds and share this post to let others know about!

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