Make a difference!

December 22, 2008
By Rang De Team

Every month a few of our social investors take time out to visit the women who have availed our loans, built their business or changed their lives. The visiting team is impacted in a lot of ways. For one, it most definitely brings new feelings to your heart; feelings of gratitude — for the opportunity to make a difference.

Before every trip, there are several questions that are asked; a few are answered.

How can the poor be lifted? How can the hungry be fed? With all the efforts to fight poverty why is it so prevalent in the world? What can we do? What can I do?

It is not that the poor do not try hard enough. The poor do not lack work ethics. They don’t lack motivation, ability or drive. And they work incredibly hard. What the poor lack is opportunity; Opportunity that we take so much for granted.

That is where Rang De is working at making a difference.

In our very own small way, Rang De has been reaching out to some of the poorest women in India’s rural villages and urban slums to provide access to tiny loans that are used for small entrepreneurial ventures.

When our investors interact with the borrowers they realize that the money that they have contributed is not charitable. There is no “rich person gives poor person money” story line here. They realize that they have contributed to a cause which provides poor people access to the economic systems that the rest of us have, to improve their lives.

World over, there have been inspirational stories of households and even entire villages that have lifted themselves from the depths of poverty with the help of micro-credit loans.

When our filming team went with us to make a video about Rang De, they realized that fundamentally the human spirit exists every where in the world, irrespective of social status. People do employ their spirit, sweat and hard work to improve their economic status and that to them seemed to be a pretty good solution to alleviate poverty!

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