Little Drops Life Home — Sheltering 83 Children

June 28, 2016
By Rang De Team

There are twenty million orphans in India or 4% of the country’s population. Children who have lost both parents and those abandoned by their families are considered as orphans. Most cases of abandonment, though, are due to poverty.

In June 2016, Rang De entered into a partnership with Little Drops Life Home, an orphanage in Chandel district in Manipur which houses 83 children. Aged between 6 and 18, these children have been enrolled in a private school that charges concessional admission fees but the orphanage still pays the entire remaining amount.

The cost of educating one child comes to Rs 10,000 per year.

Without orphanages like these, these children would find it hard to fend for themselves.

They usually start work at an early age and get pushed into human trafficking or other illegal work.

Orphanages provide these children with a safe home. With their limited resources, they provide them with education, food and shelter.

Khumlo Sunny founded this organisation in 2010.

“The government schools in our area are not functional,” he said. “If we enrol the children in these schools, they will never receive the education they deserve.”

The home provides children with education, food, shelter and sports training along with other necessities. They have tutors in the house who help children with their studies.

You can help them by contributing to their education loan here

An enthusiastic bunch, these children shine on the football pitch. They started a football club and now play in the first division in their district!

Children are encouraged to graduate high school and study further based on their interests and talents. Little Drops provides life skill training so that if the kids choose to not study further they can still work and fend for themselves.

The orphanage is dependent on funds from their community. With the academic year beginning and fee payment deadlines nearing, they are finding it hard to collect funds for the children’s educational expenditure.

We are trying to raise Rs 5,89,000 for them so that these children can continue to go to school.

They have dreams of becoming doctors, teachers and police officers. Without this orphanage, these dreams would not even occur to these young minds.

Until now, Rang De has disbursed 344 education loans in Manipur. With every education loan, we hope to change the life of yet another child and help them fulfil their dreams.

We are glad that our reach is growing and we are helping these vulnerable children get a bigger audience.

These 83 children have gone through hardships at a young age. A little bit of love and support could go a long way in making their life even brighter.