Little Drops Life Home — A Pocket Full of Sunshine in The Lives of Orphans & Vulnerable Children in…

July 7, 2016
By Rang De Team

Nearly half of the children at the orphanage lost their parents at a young age

Bansara is a 17-year-old girl who comes from a family where the father was an alcoholic. Her mother left with her kids and remarried. Just as Bansara began to assume responsibility and look after her younger siblings, her mother and youngest sibling were killed in a road accident.

Little Drops Life Home in Manipur now provides a safe haven to children like Bansara who joined in 2011.

Bansara took up a job to support her siblings until she was brought into the home. Now, the only job that she has to deal with is that of being a dutiful elder sister.

Currently, the home houses 83 children aged between 6 and 18 years old, providing food, shelter and education among other necessities.

Bansara is now studying science and aspires to become a doctor so that she can serve the poor and the needy.

Bansara is excited about going to college. Mr Sunny, the founder of the home, is aware of Bansara’s aspiration and is looking for colleges.

Like Bansara, half of the children have lost both parents before being brought to the home. The rest come from financially disadvantaged families where the parents struggle to make both ends meet. Although these children live at the home through the year, they visit their families once in a while.

There has even been times when the home has provided financial support to the parents of these children.

Albert Thabah’s grandmother had to look after her three grandchildren all on her own.

After Albert lost his father, his mother remarried and did not want to bring up these children. Their grandmother, old and ailing, tried her best to look after the children but had no choice and left them at the home in January 2010.

At the home, Albert and his siblings have now found a new family that has looked after them as one of their own.

Bansara, 17, aspires to become a doctor

A little girl cleaning the orphanage is a regular sight.

Ten-year-old Mila finishes her studies and homework and gets to work cleaning every corner of the orphanage. She says she loves cleaning and spends her day doing what she loves best. Mila’s smiling face shows no trace of the hardships she faced as a little girl.

Her mother suffered from a mental illness and could not recognize little Mila at birth.

Her aunt looked after her for a few years but with increasing financial problems, she could not continue. Mila was left at the home in 2012 with the hope that the little girl would receive love, support and an education.

These needs should be fulfilled for every child but it is not always possible in a country as vast and diverse as ours.

Yet, not all hope is lost as there are little pockets of sunshine that can brighten up a child’s face when they most need it.

Little Drops Life Home is one such pocket in Chandel, Manipur.

Rang De is looking to raise Rs 5.8 lakhs to assist this orphanage that has been brought to our attention by our impact partner Self Employment Voluntary Association in Imphal, Manipur. SEVA has helped us make a difference in the lives of 4012 families since we began our operations in Manipur in March 2012.

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