Lighting Up India!

October 16, 2012
By Rang De Team

Lighting Up India!

Last Diwali, an unusual road trip to Hyderabad and an accidental wrong turn led us to discover a different India. While we were heading to celebrate Diwali with family, for a majority of the villages we passed by, it was just another day. No lights, No sweets, No gifts. Just A USUAL DAY of trying to make ends meet.

Road trips have their own charm. It gives one the space to think, observe and form opinions. This one actually made us realise for the nth time the magnitude of the problem that Rang De faces. There are thousands of such pockets across India that are yet to experience what Diwali truly means!

What Rang De has done so far, with help from more than 4000 social investors, is create a ray of hope for a few thousands of families. But the magnitude of this problem demands that we do a LOT more and we do it sooner and in our own lifetimes so that we help people overcome the debilitating effects of poverty.

So, this Diwali, Rang De has decided to step up its efforts to Light Up India. And we cannot do this without you. We invite each one of you to share your involvement with Rang De with your friends, family, colleagues, associates, acquaintances and recommend them to join in!

We urge you to do this NOW, because if we don’t do this now, we may never know how long it will take to accomplish the job on hand. Time is running out and we have an enormous task on our hands!

Join in to experience the true spirit of Rang De and let’s welcome the new members into the Rang De Family!

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