Latest Updates from the Rang De Tech Team!

March 27, 2012
By Rang De Team

By Trilok Jain, VP Technology at Rang De.

One of the primary areas of focus for us at Rang De is to try and make the experience of our social investors better. Be it performance or ease of use, we continuously strive to improve the overall experience of users on our website. Here are some new features that are now available to our social investors:

Improved Portfolio and Borrower Repayment Visualization

If you log-in to your Rang De account today, you’ll notice a map representing the distribution of your social investments on your dashboard. This map of India displays your investment portfolio across various Indian states. A chart to the right shows you a break up of the amount that you have invested towards the borrowers of a particular state. The states in which you have invested will appear in green. So go ahead and color all the states of India on your dashboard green! :0)

From now on, it will also be possible to graphically visualize the repayments from your borrowers. A double graph showing the periodic as well as cumulative repayments from the borrowers has been placed on the borrower profile page.

Digest of Repayment Notification Emails

No more repeated repayment notification emails! Going forward, only one digest email that will summarize the repayments you have received on a particular day will be sent to you on that given day. Of course, the email will be sent to you only if you have turned on your repayment alerts. You can enable repayment alerts by clicking on the ‘Loan Repayment Notification’ radio button on the Notifications tab on the settings page and then clicking on the submit button.

Updated Privacy Settings

Some of our social investors came up with an interesting idea of having a semi-public social investor profile. A semi-public social investor profile does not show the details of your investments but only your basic details. You may choose to change your privacy settings from Private to Semi-Public by selecting the Semi-Public radio button on your settings page and then hitting submit.

We have a few more interesting features lined up and we plan to add them to our website soon. Please do write to us at if you have any feedback or questions for us. Do share your ideas for interesting features on our website and let us know if you’d like to be a part of our Tech Volunteer Group to work on upcoming initiatives.

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