Kuppu and her resolve!

August 30, 2008
By Rang De Team

Kuppu is one of the borrowers who got a loan via Rang De. She lives in Vandavasi and on 23rd August, four of Rang De social investors along with a Rang De team member visited Kuppu and many of her group members who got a loan. The purpose of the trip was to understand if the loan has been able to make an impact at all.

The reports and feedback from the trip were all good. I had met Kuppu before she applied for a loan and was curious to know what she has done with the loan. On enquiring about Kuppu, I was told that she has not used her loan for anything. This came as a surprise. On delving deeper into Kuppu’s story, I got to know that Kuppu had applied for a loan to purchase a refrigerator for cool drinks. For some reason she was not able to buy the refrigerator. The general tendency, we may think, would be to use it for any other purpose.

But not Kuppu! Kuppu is still waiting to buy her refrigerator and sell cool drinks. Her resolve to stick to her word is as strong as her original intent of selling cool drinks and making her business profitable.

Read more about Kuppu by at this link.

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