#IGiveUp — Give Up A Guilty Pleasure & Give to Farmers, Artisans and Children

December 8, 2016
By Rang De Team
This holiday season, join the #IGiveUp campaign to give up for social change

The curtains will soon draw on 2016 and the year has been nothing if not interesting.

The world came to terms with the victory of an unconventional man for President of the United States, terrorism continued to rear its ugly head while millions from Syria and Afghanistan crossed the seas to find refuge in Europe.

Closer home, scores of women in Tamil Nadu lost a mother figure to illness, Kashmir continued to seethe and at least one member from every Indian household stood in line to exchange what are now invalid currency notes.

It is perhaps a profound sense of uncertainty about the future that we will carry into 2017.

Yet we must remember that the year always closes with a season of festivity and giving in which we can find comfort and hope that the next year will be better.

Thousands of men and women in rural India share a similar hope and seek loans from Rang De. This festive season, you can give to them by giving up.

Give up one indulgence. Support Dhokra artisans in Orissa, organic farmers in Andhra Pradesh or little children in Manipur.

Starting today, we are running #IGiveUp, a campaign that urges people to give up on the small but guilty pleasures that we so often enjoy.

As part of the campaign, you can choose to give up on one or more of six things that you indulge in without much thought — movies, cab rides, shopping, parties, coffee shops or vacations.

Any other indulgence eating into your pocket that you wish to give up? You can do that too by just letting us know what it is that you are giving up!

The money you save on giving up can then be invested in one of three causes that need support.

Organic farmers in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

Dharani FaM CooP Ltd is a producer company that works with 1,632 organic farmers (read about them here), providing them with an assured market and fair prices for organically grown produce. We are looking to raise a sum of Rs 10 lakhs which Dharani will use to procure produce, process and market food products and to also manage wage payments.

Dhokra Artisans in Barakhama, Orissa

Black Dhokra is a dying art form in the district of Barakhama. Veteran artists use a unique oxidisation process to make ornaments and other decorative items which reflect tribal heritage and culture. Darbar Sahitya Sansad (DSS) is a Rang De impact partner looking to support these Dhokra artisans by the provision of training, design assistance and forward linkages. A working capital loan of Rs 5 lakhs will aid DSS in providing livelihood to artisans while also reviving this beautiful art form.

Primary and secondary school students in Manipur

Women in Manipur primarily indulge in weaving or other small businesses to earn a living. The men have little opportunity to do any better. Thus, low family incomes make meeting the costs of children’s education extremely challenging.

Working with Self Employment Voluntary Association, we are raising education loans for primary and secondary school students in rural Manipur.

The #IGiveUp campaign will run until the end of January 2017 and as you gather every bit of will power to stick to your new year resolutions, whether it be about getting fitter or spending less or simply doing social good, we’ve got you covered.

Do share your #IGiveUp feat with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, tagging five of them to give up for a better cause. Joy, as they say, multiplies on giving.

Some of our team members have already made their pledge to give up on their guilty pleasures.

‘’#IGiveUp eating out for one month and pledge to donate the amount thus saved to Rang De. I am helping myself by helping others, would you?’’ — Preksha Sirsikar

‘’#IGiveUp a pair of combat boots that I’ve had my eye on forever’’ — Rachana Gopidesi

‘’IGiveUp my weekly tub of ice cream for a month. I give up my guilty pleasure for the education of lil’ ones in Manipur’’ — Neha Sathish

You too could join the #IGiveUp campaign to share festive joy with underprivileged farmers, artisans and children in rural India so they can begin the new year with certainty and hope.

Give by giving up!

We are proud to organise online campaigns that help raise funds for a cause in a transparent, effective and modern way. Recently, folk musician Raghu Dixit ran his own online campaign calling on music fans to contribute to the education loan request of a nonprofit supporting children from shelter homes and a lucky winner now gets to meet the man himself!

Are you interested in running an online campaign? Would you like to give us your thoughts on this campaign or do you need any help from us? Write to empathy@rangde.org and we would be more than happy to hear from you!

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