How BNGVN Market Their Readymade Garments In 60 Villages

March 3, 2016
By Rang De Team

This BNVGN unit is run by five women

This BNVGN unit is run by five women

In the small town of Bahadarpur in Jalgaon district (Maharashtra), our Impact partner BNGVN is helping ordinary women become extraordinary entrepreneurs.

They get clothes and raw materials in bulk from Ahmedabad. Women from 60 villages come on a regular basis and take back these readymade clothes.

They don’t have to pay immediately. They pay half the amount after 15 days and the rest when they sell the clothes.

Kalpana Vana

Kalpana Vana is one of these women. She is an Anganvadi worker. She is also a midwife.

When a child is born, this Asha worker is there. She knows people are happy and will buy her clothes.

When there is a wedding, she takes some dresses with her. At a relative’s housewarming ceremony, she takes items to sell.

If she is going to buy vegetables from the village market, her bag is ready.

It has soaps, detergents and other items.

These women been trained by BNGVN to use these small opportunities and social occasions well.

No energy spent, no cost on marketing, no renting of shop space — because everyone knows the Kalpanas in their villages, they are always ready to buy her clothes on credit.

BNGVN picks these women carefully and will not have another woman selling the items in the village — they want Kalpana to make a decent income and not have competition to deal with.

Kalpana took us to her home

Kalpana took us to her home

What if Kalpana cannot sell the clothes in her village?

No problem, she just needs to return them to the shop in Bahadarpur who will hand it over to a different woman in a different village. With 60 different villages, they manage their inventory really well.

“This is an entire supply chain thriving on the goodwill of people,” says Soumya Jayaram, Rang De Chief Operating Officer.

It gives women like Kalpana purpose. It mitigates the risk for Kalpana as well as she doesn’t have to pay the full amount for the products she sells.

All they need now is some help so they can buy clothes in bulk from Ahmedabad. By purchasing in bulk, the raw material cost will come down by as much as 50%.


Clothes made by women, sold by women

BNVGN needs a 5 lakh working capital loan.

The unit has already taken a Rang De loan in the previous year, which they are currently repaying.

By investing in the small unit of these 5 enterprising women (and the 60 women who sell their garments) you can help bring about a larger change in Bahadarpur and its nearby villages.

Invest in this wonderful readymade garments unit today —